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About Us

Making Gyros is my passion.  It all started when I was about 10 years old working at the Ol' Greek Food Booth at the Renaissance Festival with family friends.  At first my jobs were dishes and taking out the trash but it was here I learned the meaning of hard work. It wasn't long until I was able to help with the preparation of the food.  

After our family friends decided to retire they told me I could take their recipe on the road and that is what I did.  Starting when I was in high school, it was something I always enjoyed doing.  For a long time I kept it part time, doing festivals out of a tent.

Then deciding to take the big step of making it my full time Job I spent my savings to build a food truck.  Since then I have not looked back.  I love bringing people happiness through food.   


Customer Reviews


"Oh my gosh! First time ever having a gyro from these guys, absolutely amazing! I’m hooked! Would definitely recommend!!!"


"Tried for the first time 8/23 and these gyros are phenomenal. I am seeking them out wherever they may roam. The service is fast and friendly. The best gyro I ever had!!!!"


“These are the best gyros you will ever experience! You will not want to miss out on visiting this food truck and having a gyro or two!”

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